Motion Gaming Expertise

We understand motion control. It's not just a new way of remaking old applications. It's about creating natural interaction that simply isn't possible with a gamepad, mouse or touchscreen.

We are eager to try out new technologies, to discover exactly what kind of content can make the best use of them.

From easy-to-use menus to the core of motion gameplay, every little detail is lovingly crafted in-house by our design team.

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We have also acquired experience with non-gaming desktop applications, as well as Smart TV and set-top box projects.


Our patented FreeMotion® technology performs real-time background removal (also known as green-screening or segmentation) on regular 2D (RGB) cameras, as well as skeleton tracking of the human body.

FreeMotion® was originally developed for Kung-Fu Live on the PS3. It also runs on Windows PCs, and can be adapted to iOS (iPhone 4S or later required) and certain high-end Android devices.

In addition to full-body tracking, it can also be used at medium (half-body) range as well as close-ups (video conferencing). We'll be happy to discuss a project - get in touch!

Watch the Kung-Fu Live Trailer for an example

Get in Touch!

We are always open to new projects, ranging from technical and design consultation to entire game projects. Some of the services we can offer are:

  • Unique content for your device or technology
  • Technical evaluation of a new motion input technology
  • Collaboration on a motion game project
  • Design and implementation of a motion-based interface for non-gaming applications (eg. medical, web, entertainment)

Contact Information

Processes & Tools

Current platforms:

  • Xbox 360, PS3, Windows, OSX, iOS, Android. Xbox One on the way.
  • Kinect, PS Eye, Leap Motion Controller, PrimeSensor, and a few more besides...

Methodology and design principles:

  • We swear in the name of agile development and Scrum, extensive prototyping early on and efficient and broad testing.
  • We take great pride in good processes and writing high-quality code.


  • Unity3D for rapid multi-platform development.
  • A robust automatic testing framework built on top of CruiseControl.NET.
  • In our development pipeline, all modules are compiled and integrated multiple times a day thanks to continuous integration. Every build is subjected to automated error, quality and performance tests. Issues are highlighted and developers receive feedback within minutes of committing code.