Our Games

Boom Ball 3 for Kinect

Xbox One / December 2017
Boom Ball 3 upgrades the classic Kinect ping pong game with scenic landscapes, new difficulty levels, customizable paddles, Kinect photos and an improved 2-player co-op mode. Plus more explosions!


Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition

Xbox One / June 2017
A rhythm shooter for everyone who enjoys a good measure of over-the-top rock attitude in their indie games. Includes unique interactive soundtrack.




Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect

Xbox One / March 2017
Step into the game and become a legendary air guitar warrior!




Boom Ball 2 for Kinect

Xbox One / December 2016
Boom Ball 2 is a light-hearted, full-body Kinect game about bouncing balls, breaking bricks and blowing stuff up.

New addition: two-player co-op mode! Get your friends and family to join in on the fun!

Go ballistic with Boom Ball!


Kung-Fu for Kinect

Xbox One / July 2016

Punching air has never felt this good!

Step inside the game and turn yourself into a kung-fu hero! Use your own moves to punch and kick your way through comic-book villains, leap through the air, conjure lightning and shoot flaming arrows!

Kung-Fu for Kinect allows you to star in your own comic book, and features super-powered moves based on your motions.


Boom Ball for RealSense

PC / January 2016

The hit brick-smasher is now available for your PC with an Intel RealSense camera!

Join the fun and go ballistic with Boom Ball for RealSense!


Beatsplosion for Kinect

Xbox One / December 2015

Step through Kinect into the crazy world of subatomic particles. Move to the beat of the music, punch your way through quarks and neutrinos, and smash everything into smithereens!

Get up and make stuff 'splode!


Squid Hero for Kinect

Xbox One / July 2015

Squid Hero saves the planet from a new ice age! Travel across the world on this cheery and colorful adventure for all ages, using the power of Kinect to smash thousands of encroaching chunks of ice.

Bring a friend or family member along! The whole game can be played in 2-player co-op mode. Switch at any time between levels!


Boom Ball for Kinect

Xbox One / November 2014

Boom Ball is a lighthearted, full-body Kinect game that mixes tennis, Breakout and gratuitous explosions. Throw and bounce balls to smash all the cubes and blow up all the bombs in 55 different levels. Guest starring: Explosions! Portals! Multiballs! More explosions! Ducks! Join the fun and go ballistic with Boom Ball for Kinect!


Boom Ball Adventures

PC & Mac + Leap Motion Controller / November 2013

The cubic creatures of planet Crebos are back, and they're trying to ruin your vacation! Travel around the world and smash the cubes with your trusty Boom Ball for peace and relaxation.

Boom Ball Adventures takes you across 55 levels in 5 exotic locations in a mix of racketball, 3D Breakout and gratuitous explosions. Control two paddles to keep the balls in the game and destroy all targets, ranging from cubes to space whales.


Boom Ball

PC & Mac + Leap Motion Controller / July 2013

The rapidly breeding cube creatures from planet Crebos are building annoying structures all over the world. Use the mighty Boom Ball to smash the fortifications and rid the world of them once and for all.

With 50 levels of smashing action, Boom Ball is a dynamic mix of racketball, Breakout and gratuitous explosions. Control the paddle to keep the ball in the game and destroy all targets in this upbeat arcade game.


Kung-Fu High Impact

Xbox 360 / November 2011

Kung-Fu High Impact is a full-body motion fighting adventure that uses Kinect to scan YOU inside the game to fight the baddies with actual kicks and punches. Become the hero, kick some serious ass and control super-human abilities to pummel your enemies into oblivion.


Kung-Fu Live

PlayStation 3 - December 2010

Kung-Fu LIVE is a unique fighting adventure that offers a totally new playing experience. With accurate tracking and background removal, the player is scanned into the game allowing players to step onto the screen for full-body motion control.